🤖5 Minute StartUp With AI🚀

This week our Founder, Adrian the AI Boss, led a workshop “Powering up Your Startup’s Success with AI” hosted by the Branson Centre. The blitz session covered:
  1. The Long History of AI
  2. Types of AI; ChatGPT is a tiny section of the AI ecosystem
  3. AI Myths
  4. Practical Strategies for Using AI in StartUps
  5. Regional AI Value Prop metrics
It was jampacked with regionally specific not-to-miss insights and evidenced-based AI guidance. But, the most buzzed about and rewatched section was the 5 Minute Startup using AI.
Yes, you read that right, The AI Boss presented a summary of his 5-minute approach to completing the Ideation, Conceptualization, Planning and MVP design for a new business.

The method was designed to get Entrepreneurs up and running quickly on potential businesses, focusing on experimentation, product market fit and profitability. Time is the limited resource that Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs (entrepreneurs that work in a company) have very little of. AI leverages your time and resources making you a superhero, a cyborg superhero.


AI Boss stressed that this isn’t a shortcut or a substitute for knowledge, experience and sound business practices.