🤖The Secret Of AI In Social Media🚀

You may have heard the news that X (formerly Twitter) is planning to use your public data to train AI systems. At our weekly huddle we asked our Founder what he thought about it, and he just smirked?!?
He explained, that these companies have been using our public data (and maybe private) to train models for years. Going so far as to share data with Research groups and Universities to collaborate on AI Model Development and other forms of Research.
So why the big concern with using our Data now?


Awareness: The everyday person is bombarded daily with AI related marketing from trusted sources and from a thousand self proclaimed AI experts coming out of the woodwork
Data Protection: Governments, private entities and international organizations pushing for every citizen to have control of their data, and what does most AI feed off of? our Data, meaning AI is in the crosshairs of lawmakers and regulators
Messages of AI apocolypse: Elon Musk and others publicly sharing the Avengers-level threat that is AI.


In the past large tech companies could get away with doing whatever with your data, limited to no oversight and the public not particularly impressed or interestes in the world of AI, outside of movies anyway.


“Your Data is the ultimate currency but its value changes exponentially based on who has access it and how it is used” – Adrian Dunkley