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Employee Feedback and Insights Reports
Our employee feedback assessments go beyond traditional survey reports. We connect your employees’ roles, responsibilities, work culture, and sentiment with effective approaches to improve operational efficiency, loyalty and work-life satisfaction.
Board Governance and Self-Assessments
Used as a tool to ensure that boards are fulfilling their duties and responsibilities and that appropriate processes are in place. StarApple incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to do more with survey results than your traditional market research firm.
Client Insights Reports
Concise and directed reporting is key. Our deliverables have one goal, to ensure you understand your clients and can make data-driven decisions to meet your strategic objectives.
Decision Science
At StarApple, we give our clients a competitive advantage by utilising a myriad of quantitative techniques used to inform decision-making at the individual and population levels including decision analysis, risk analysis, cost-benefit and cost-effectiveness analysis, constrained optimization, simulation modeling, and behavioral decision theory.
Churn Assessments and Segmentation
Churn is expensive, it forces you to increase marketing and onboarding costs to offset lost clients. StarApple Analytics uncovers the factors driving churn and develops segment-specific strategies to combat instances of churn.
Product Testing & Marketing Analytics
We apply Statistics, Machine Learning and Neuromarketing to optimize marketing assets, improve brand and product perception, and to develop hyper-targeting strategies.

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