From Iron Man to AI Man: Tech-Savvy Storytelling for Tomorrow’s Caribbean Heroes

“Iron Baby” Generated by StarApple using Generative AI
“Iron Baby” Generated by StarApple using Generative AI

Imagine having a magical helper,

that could create exciting stories and adventures for you to enjoy, all while helping you learn new things. This magical helper is called generative artificial intelligence (AI), and it’s transforming the way we create comic books for education and entertainment. 
Generative AI is like a super-smart computer program that can learn from examples and generate new things based on what it has learned. For example, it can create unique stories or draw fun characters, all by itself! 
Caribbean creators can use cutting-edge technology to create educational and entertaining comic books for children. StarApple, is working on both fully and partially AI-generated visual stories to introduce young readers to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and help marketers reach their target audience. From Superheroes to STEM books, to Idris Elba on a Boat, why? Ask our founder why the last one. AI can give us superpowers and provide Caribbean Artists with more control and exposure to Global Markets.