Part2: The Manipulative side of AI

RESIST THE DARKSIDE OF AI: The Manipulative side of AI (PART 2)

Become Sherlock Holmes

Encourage your family to channel their inner detective and question everything they read online. Remember, the internet is a wild west of information, and not everything you read is the gospel truth. If a headline screams “Aliens Land in Central Park!”, it’s time to raise those eyebrows.

Trust but Verify

Just like you wouldn’t buy a car without checking its history, don’t trust a piece of information without knowing its source. If it’s a website that sounds like “MangoScammers”, it’s a good idea to cross-check the information with more reputable sources like CNN or MSNBC.

Double, Triple Check

If a piece of news seems earth-shattering, don’t just take it at face value. Cross-verify it with multiple sources. If only one health site claims that Mangoes can cure bad knees, it’s probably not true.

Become a Fact-Checking Ninja

Websites like Snopes and are your secret weapons against misinformation. They’re like the internet’s version of Mythbusters and can help you separate fact from fiction.

Spot the Deepfakes

Deepfakes are like the evil twins in a sci-fi movie. They look and sound like the real person, but they’re not. If a video of your favourite celebrity confessing they will now live as a mango seems off, it might be a deepfake.

Beware of the Echo Chamber

Social media can sometimes feel like you’re shouting into a canyon and hearing your own voice. That’s the algorithm at work, showing you more of what you like, and sometimes, it can amplify misinformation. So, step out of the echo chamber and explore diverse viewpoints.

Be a Privacy Hawk

Just like you wouldn’t leave your house unlocked, don’t leave your social media accounts open to manipulation. Check your privacy settings and keep those digital intruders at bay.

Digital Literacy is Cool

Understanding the Internet isn’t just for tech geeks. It’s a necessary skill in today’s digital world. So, encourage your kids to become internet savvy. It’s like learning a new language, only this one helps you spot fake news.

Think Before You Share

Sharing unverified information is like passing on a rumour. It might seem harmless, but it can have serious consequences. So, before you hit that share button, take a moment to verify the information.

Family Cyber Talk

Make internet discussions a part of your family time. It’s like your family book club, but for discussing online experiences. This way, you can guide your family through the maze of the internet together.

Remember, navigating the internet is like embarking on a thrilling adventure. With these tips, you’re well-equipped to face the challenges and enjoy the journey. Stay curious, stay vigilant, and most importantly, have fun exploring the digital world!

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