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AI for Board of Directors

Learn how AI can help boards of directors make more informed decisions

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI): AI and your Enterprise

Learn about the benefits and applications of AI in the enterprise

Artificial Intelligence 101

 Introduction to the fundamentals of AI, machine learning, and deep learning




Data Science Bootcamp

A comprehensive course covering all aspects of data science and machine learning

Dragons and Data: Data Science Hackathon

Put your data science skills to the test in a fun and challenging hackathon

The Scientific Method: Business Professionals

Understand the scientific method and apply it to solve business problems

Advanced Statistics for Enterprises

Learn advanced statistical techniques to extract insights from complex data




Analytics Translator Bootcamp

Learn to bridge the gap between technical data scientists and business stakeholders

Business Analytics

Learn to extract insights from business data to make informed decisions

Data Analytics for Startups

Gain the skills to build and grow data-driven startups

Data Analytics for Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs

Learn how to leverage data to create successful business ventures

Python Data Analytics

Master the Python programming language for data analysis and visualization

Big Data Analytics

Discover the tools and techniques for handling and analyzing big data

Data Analytics for Executives and Managers

Gain a high-level understanding of data analytics and its business applications

Data Analytics for Strategy

Develop a data-driven approach to business strategy and decision-making

Decision Analysis for Business

Master the techniques for making data-driven business decisions

Data Analytics for Board Members

Understand the role of data analytics in governance and oversight

DATA visualization



Data Storytelling

Learn how to communicate data insights effectively through visual storytelling

Insights with Power BI

Learn how to use Power BI to create interactive visualizations and reports

software development

Computer Programming for Executives

Leverage your Technical Competence to build innovative solutions

Our Instructors have decades of experience across Academia, Startups and Private Sector entities specializing in Science, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.