We transform your employees and board members into data-driven decision makers
Our Process: AppleSeed TrainLytics
How we structure and deploy our analytics training.
1. Curated and People Focused
We gather your business and products information. We then determine the direction of the project and understand your goals and we combine your ideas with ours for an amazing website.
2. Gamified
A curated program is created to train team members in the methodologies, tools and processes needed to create business solutions: Data mining Analytical techniques & Methodologies Machine Learning Statistical Models Data Best practices Visualization methods
3. Problem Solving
The team solves a real business problem or creates a new product/service using data, their expertise and analytics.
4. Assessment
Staff are assessed on their performance, and given a badge & certification for each achievement.
5. Status Reports
HR and Business leaders receive updates on their team’s progress as they solve the business problem.
6. Results
At the end of each project the Client receives a business solution and upskilled staff capable of working on data centric projects