UYC™ is a proprietary framework developed by StarApple AI to Collect, Analyze, Understand and Act on customer data; generating increased customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

Our framework is comprised of techniques and tools from;

Customer Analytics

Consumer Neuroscience & Gamification

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Customer Journey Mapping

Data-driven Segmentation and Personas

The Product Goes Beyond Know Your Customer (KYC) And Customer Segmentation To Provide Holistic Treatment Of The Current & Future Wants, Needs And Desires Of Customers.

We Use Data-Driven Techniques To Design Interaction Triggers (IT) That Reduce Churn, Increase Customer Loyalty, Increase Conversion Rates And Incentivize Referral Activities.

Whether You Have A Developed CRM System Or Are Starting From Scratch Our UYC Team Can Accelerate Your Returns And Increase Customer Engagement And Lifetime Value.