Innovator of the Award

Ministry of Labour & Social Security, Jamaica Productivity Centre

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We’re Jamaica’s 1st Data Science & AI Company

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🎉 2023
Innovator of the Award – Ministry of Labour & Social Security, Jamaica Productivity Centre 🎉

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We’re a Caribbean based analytics and A.I Company that can transform your teams into data-driven decision-makers

Artful Intelligence

Combine our AI and Data Science models with your Expertise and Strategy to achieve Exponential Growth.
  • Bespoke AI Models

    We develop A.I solutions to improve your business & improve the society as a whole.

  • Data Science

    We leverage scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights the will provide maximum returns on your investment.

  • Customer Analytics

    Grow revenue by increasing Customer Lifetime Value and Delight, using our Customer Intelligence Suite of solutions.

  • Financial Analytics

    Gain insights into your products, processes and customer profitability. Uncover new ways to generate greater profits using deterministic, statistical and A.I based Financial Models.

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Retention Rate
Revenue Growth
Customer Satisfaction

“Since partnering with StarApple AI we’ve seen a big improvement in our bottom line, primarily through increased sales conversions and reduced operational costs. The AI-driven insights have allowed us to target our marketing efforts more effectively, resulting in a 20% increase in sales within the first quarter post-implementation.

Alice M.
Alice M. CEO, Amazing Company

“Increased Innovation: We create 2 new products in a quarter, fully go to market in a month!

Jeff Beck Paul G CEO, SomethingGood

Value Proposition: StarApple found us thousands of qualified leads in a week, and we are on track for over 20% conversions.

Jeff Beck Howie W CRO, Overpower

“StarApple AI streamlined our internal processes, automating data collection and analysis. This has saved us time and increased our insights’ accuracy, leading to more effective product development strategies.

Jeff Beck Shirley D Head of Marketing, Goody

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