Innovator of the Award

Ministry of Labour & Social Security, Jamaica Productivity Centre

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We’re Jamaica’s 1st Data Science & AI Company

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🎉 2023
Innovator of the Award – Ministry of Labour & Social Security, Jamaica Productivity Centre 🎉

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We’re a Caribbean based analytics and A.I Company that can transform your teams into data-driven decision-makers

Artful Intelligence

Combine our Data Science and Decision Science models with your Internal Expertise and Strategy to achieve Exponential Outcomes.
  • Bespoke AI Models

    We develop A.I solutions to improve your business & improve the society as a whole.

  • Data Science

    We leverage scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights the will provide maximum returns on your investment.

  • Customer Analytics

    Grow revenue by increasing Customer Lifetime Value and Delight, using our Customer Intelligence Suite of solutions.

  • Financial Analytics

    Gain insights into your products, processes and customer profitability. Uncover new ways to generate greater profits using deterministic, statistical and A.I based Financial Models.

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“This is one of many reasons why I found Metaview’s notes helpful, but I was also blown away by how finely tuned the information is”

Mason Maldonado
Mason Maldonado CEO, Amazing Company

“Macrivate The most under-rated tools! Easy to setup, interactive analytics, great visualizations, and generous free tier. What more can you ask for!”

Jeff Beck Jeff Beck CEO, SomethingGood

“Macrivate feels like a partner, listening to our needs and making changes based on real users’ feedback”

Jeff Beck Virginia Morton CRO, Overpower

“The tool just keeps getting better and meets our needs more and more.”

Jeff Beck Sarah Hunt Head of Marketing, Goody

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